BEL 20

BEL 20®


BEL 20®

Index name

BEL 20®

Index type

Price index; Net return index and Gross return index also available

Index governance structure

The BEL Steering Committee acts as Supervisor of the BEL 20 Index. Euronext acts as the Compiler and is responsible for the day-to-day management of the index.

Eligible stocks

Companies admitted to listing on Euronext Brussels that are traded continuously.


The BEL 20 index is made up of stocks having a higher free float market capitalisation than the level of the BEL 20 index multiplied by EUR 300,000 (entry level; the exit level is BEL 20 times EUR 200,000), and a free-float velocity of at least 35% (30% for current index members).

Number of constituents

Maximum 20


Based on Free Float adjusted market capitalization. The Free Float is rounded up to the next multiple of 5%.



Review of composition

Annual with quarterly fast entry or replacement for the BEL 20. Quarterly for BEL Mid and BEL Small. Reviews are effective after the third Friday of March, June, September and December. 

Review of free float and capping

Annual in March

Review of number of shares

Annual in March

Base currency Euro

Calculation frequency

every 15s

Base date


Base level


ISIN code

BEL20      BE0389555039

BEL2P      BE0389558066

BEL2I       BE0389557050 

Mnemonic code




Index Composition

Component ISIN Trading Location
AB INBEV BE0003793107 Euronext Brussels
ACKERMANS V.HAAREN BE0003764785 Euronext Brussels
AGEAS BE0974264930 Euronext Brussels
BEFIMMO BE0003678894 Euronext Brussels
BEKAERT BE0974258874 Euronext Brussels
BELGACOM BE0003810273 Euronext Brussels
BPOST BE0974268972 Euronext Brussels
COFINIMMO BE0003593044 Euronext Brussels
COLRUYT BE0974256852 Euronext Brussels
D'IETEREN BE0974259880 Euronext Brussels
DELHAIZE GROUP BE0003562700 Euronext Brussels
DELTA LLOYD NL0009294552 Euronext Amsterdam
ELIA BE0003822393 Euronext Brussels
GBL BE0003797140 Euronext Brussels
GDF SUEZ FR0010208488 Euronext Paris
KBC BE0003565737 Euronext Brussels
SOLVAY BE0003470755 Euronext Brussels
TELENET GROUP BE0003826436 Euronext Brussels
UCB BE0003739530 Euronext Brussels
UMICORE BE0003884047 Euronext Brussels
Last updated: 26 Mar 2015
BEL family rules version 14-01 (March 2014)
BEL 20 Factsheet
31 Dec 2014BEL 20 Factsheet