Custom and Calculation Services

Integrated solutions for your indexing needs

The Index Group at Euronext are experts in designing, calculating, maintaining and broadcasting successful indices worldwide – helping our clients to unlock their potential. Today, over € 5 billion in assets under management and over 4,000 Exchange Traded Products (ETPs) are associated with our indices.

Flexible business model

We are dedicated to your success and can accommodate various arrangements that suit your business needs.

Custom index services

We have built extensive relationships with a wide range of asset managers, data providers and exchanges around the globe – enabling us to deliver flexible and innovative custom index solutions to our clients.

Why customize?

  • Build your own investment strategies that cannot be replicated using existing indices
  • No need for an in-house indexing system, which saves you time and resources
  • Eliminate benchmark risk with indices that meet specific investment mandates
  • It makes it easier to comply with specific rules and regulations
  • Serves as the basis for many ETPs
  • Availability of your data to major market data vendors

Calculation services

Calculating indices is most likely not your core business. Our index system and index experts can calculate complex and sophisticated methodologies. By outsourcing the calculation, maintenance and broadcasting of your indices, you can focus on what is important to you - thereby saving time, capital and resources. An independent index group can also provide you with the freedom, objectivity and added security you need for development and maintenance. Many clients also often seek our services to address regulatory and reputational requirements, particularly when launching indexed investment products.

iNAV calculation service

The Index Group at Euronext offers real-time calculations of the iNAV for Exchange Traded Products. All calculated data points are distributed throughout the trading day to market participants and vendors.

Want to know more?

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